So much DEAD! (Update 29-07-13)

2013-07-29 10:58:14 by GabrielBarsch


But seriously...
I want to say some important things and i want the attention of all of you little brats....

THANKS, for the feedback on Incident:123A, it reached over 10,000 views in almost 1 week and over 100 reviews, its a good thing, still no frontpage but i dont loose the motivation of make more, more surprises at madness day will come, you guys didn't see the last of me yet .

I have joined countless collabs always bringing entertainment and fun for all who watch it...but i cant no longer do it, the madness collabs popularity decreased over the years, and people is getting sick and bored with it, and im thinking to do something more atractive to the audience, like shorts and mini clips that i can broadcast on youtube or here, propably Madness extermination 3 will be the last collab that i will join for good...i will try my best to amuse you guys.

Reviews and Criticism
Believe me or not, i read every single review of you guys, and thanks for the nice words, but i guess this is not good enough, probably because my fanbase is composed by 12-15 children that can barely do a criticism and only want to see blood and fight cartoons, you guys really need to learn how to do criticism urgently, i want to know if is there something that i can improve or is that something you guys dislike on my movies and want to see in the next one, what i am trying to say is i want to see reviews of who animates as well, like the madness veterans like dimb, tr3yo, delamortes, even alpha-nuva, your comments and criticisms will be always welcome, good ones or not.

Friend requests and Pms
you guys, i will not add people who does not animate or do something important to this comunity, stop sending requests... no matter if you like me, no matter if you are also brazilian, no matter if you do shitty images with ripped nexus sprites and i will not send sprite files for who doesnt animate as well, cuz you surely will do some...shitty short or image with it, i've received so many PM,s...i guess i will make an video about the best of them

About this screenshot
Its a leak from Incident:123B, the sequal of Incident:123A (duh) its 75% done, it will be a bit longer and will have more deaths on it, featuring me, randomes and maybe a short appearance of madnesscrazy123 (the psycho bitch from incident:123A) the release date is scheduled for madness day, stay tuned

Sorry for some grammar mistakes...

Thank you and till madness day 2013...seriously, im getting sick of this shitty holiday...dont you guys feel the same thing?


So much DEAD! (Update 29-07-13)


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2013-07-29 11:07:10

If you think about it Madness is stupid. what i like in Madness Combat is the characters design (sprites) guns and backgrounds nothing more nothing less. beside the storyline is kinda lame.

GabrielBarsch responds:

the concept of madness combat is simply not having storyline, just fights with guns and swords, but what makes the series interesting is how those fights and deaths are fluid made with good physical


2013-07-29 11:16:33

Yeah.. i guess you're right. but it still kinda stupid :P

GabrielBarsch responds:

it only needs a little creativity to atract people and Alakazan, the magic is done
believe me son, im trying so hard to do mah best, i dunno if im doing right


2013-07-29 11:36:34

@GabrielBarsch If you have any doubt if you're doing it right or not, call the people that you know they will say not just your errors (like so much people do with me but not here), but say what got epic and what can be cool ;)


2013-07-29 11:38:00

Gabriel with creativity like yours you are ALWAYS doing right. :D

GabrielBarsch responds:

you have creativity as well, you just need motivation, you have future my son


2013-07-29 11:56:25

The thing about madness day is always trying to bring something new into the violence, with creativity like yours it's always fun to watch, you want people to think "Man I wish I could do that..." and that's how you get them interested, making deaths as interesting as you do does that perfectly sir Gabriel.


2013-07-29 12:54:03

...Needs more life.


2013-07-29 12:55:12

ur aws0wme utt dis br0r0


2013-07-29 13:17:11

I didn't read the news itself, but why there are so much carrot over salthands?


2013-07-29 13:19:51

good choice bro, randomes have a epic new scary character that should be see more in action, and can't wait for more madness originality.

(Updated ) GabrielBarsch responds:

im planning to use his old one


2013-07-29 13:55:55

sério cara, todos no NG querem a sprites do meu char, e vc é o unico pro qual eu pretendia dar essas sprites e vc recusa? olha q orgulho mata ein!

GabrielBarsch responds:

todos amam o seu char antigo, veja a animacao epic randomes e veja do q estou falando


2013-07-29 13:59:25

ilumination 2? this is not my collab's name

GabrielBarsch responds:

whats the name then?


2013-07-29 14:15:47

tfw this collab thing is what I said they would do in 2010, and NOW every other 14-year old has crawled out of the woodwork to cry about the madness community dying. Good choice, and I hope you will put focus on original movies and shorts because you actually are creative with them. If the kids are going on about violence and only violence and they want you to animate something you don't want to, I urge you to ignore them and have fun with exactly what you want to do.

I am also dead.

(Updated ) GabrielBarsch responds:

thanks, i will do it, good luck with dead


2013-07-29 14:22:13

You're turning into a big deal to atleast the madness scene here on NG. Keep up the good work.


2013-07-29 15:24:04

Que merda aconteceu ai?


2013-07-29 15:26:34

E eu tbm acho q seria mais dinamico vc acrescentar "splashs" de sangue nos carinhas com buracos de tiro

GabrielBarsch responds:

eu sempre fiz isso


2013-07-29 15:32:50

Madness extermination 3


2013-07-29 16:48:05

Pretty informative post. Would be a shame if someone Quadruple post it


2013-07-29 16:49:04

Pretty informative post. Would be a shame if someone Quadruple post it


2013-07-29 16:49:31

Pretty informative post. Would be a shame if someone Quadruple post it


2013-07-29 16:49:59

Pretty informative post. Would be a shame if someone Quadruple post it


2013-07-29 17:11:21

Eu digo, nao os splashs de sangue animados, e sim um splash parado, para dizer que o sangue se espalhou no rosto do cara, entendeu?


2013-07-29 20:03:49

What is it?
Explain to me.


2013-07-29 22:52:49

Well... I might be disappointed that you aren't gunna do anymore collabs after Illumination 2. :( But what can you do. As for the madness community, I am a 15-year-old that loves violence just like you said. Still I do want some good animations that bring out a story or graphic meaning. I do hope the Madness community will change like me...


2013-07-30 03:23:57

I guess I understand what you're saying here. Alright; next time, I'll give a review so thoughtful and thorough, your head may possibly explode from how descriptive it is.

And as for Incident123A, well, it definitely did do pretty freaking amazing with the Daily 4th place award it got. Very rarely do you see MC animations get something like that nowadays unless it's Madness Day.

I suppose Madness Combat is a bit repetitive, but I gotta admit, watching a bunch of interesting sprites kill a bunch of other interesting sprites can be quite entertaining you know. ;)

Good luck on Incident123B Gabriel. Hopefully THIS is the one that gets ya the frontpage.



2013-07-30 06:22:59

Gabriel i don't want to hastle you but where did you get the spirtes for the nexus things in incident 123a?

GabrielBarsch responds:



2013-07-30 16:27:35



2013-07-30 20:36:54

Well if you don't seem to be giving madness day any respect, whats the point of uploading your garbage?


2013-07-30 23:06:09

Looking forward to Incident: 123B! Good luck, Gabe


2013-07-31 16:39:54

What about your journey to make better voice actings?
it was epic?

GabrielBarsch responds:



2013-08-01 13:07:37

então pq tds querem o novo? e aquilo é outro tipo de amor kra XD


2013-08-02 12:41:34



2013-08-04 00:57:45

Gee, my computers CPU will sure hate this room...

GabrielBarsch responds:

nah, i never allow my movies to lag


2013-08-04 08:02:38

what is this madness combat give us see


2013-08-04 11:45:59


GabrielBarsch responds:

u suck


2013-08-12 09:36:55