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Madness Day 2017 Aftermath

2017-10-03 00:00:04 by GabrielBarsch

So yeah, i decided to come out from my abyssal pit to say hi to the world

also make sure to check my Madness Day 2017 Entry this year, i know its too short for a longass hiatus, i will explain everything

 And the collab i did with Spazers and the mad BOIS

sorry for being so innative lately, but my college is just breaking my balls at the moment, and all the free time i got i spent playing DOTA 2 with ''FRIENDS'' and watching dank memes on the internet, i just hope you guys understand but my interest of animating madness had been drastically decreased, so im planning my official retirement from madness after MADNESS DAY 2018, so i have HUGE plans for this date

it is time to move on and make something different, its been like 10 years since i first uploaded my very first submittion here on Newgrounds, time sure flies

So my current work by now is to finish that goddamn over-postponed Medieval Madness Cartoon i've been delaying for like 4 years, i know i said it before, but this time its official


I also have other plans like some shorts, memes and solo cartoons starring my OC, but for now, my main priority is the medieval thing


Also a OC redesign, thanks to jackson-siegel for the sprites, and NO you CAN'T have them


Thats it for now



Madness Day 2016 (Sorry Im Late)

2016-09-23 21:51:27 by GabrielBarsch

Hey guys, sorry the long wait, i had some problems while converting the video, but i've finally finished my solo movie that i've been working for 5 months, its been a hell of a work so i hope you guys enjoy it.

and i would like to take this oportunity to invite you guys to support me on my patreon, thats right, i have a patreon now, with the help of cethic and thels i've finnally had balls to makee consent of krink one, the pledges will be charged for each solo major movie i released, so you dont need to pledge me monthly, There is not much rewards...but help doesnt hurt, i am right?

keeping in mind, this is totally optional thou


btw here is my videos this year




I hope you guys like it <3

Madness Extermination Collab 5 Update + More

2016-07-31 14:35:13 by GabrielBarsch

Hello guys, its yo boy gabe here bringing you the updated list of members from Madness Extermination Collab 5 which will be released this Madness Day 2016 (september 22) and since the first deadline is approaching (August 15), i believe it would be fitting to let you guys know about our progress.

We are making huge progress and we are almost out of room for clips but still i am waiting for the main ones which   @ellvis and @kenamii are still working on it, but im not sure if they still on the collab, so i need their confirmations to know if they are alive and kicking.


Without further ado, here is the member list and their current status:

@CA-Chaos_____Clips 2/2___OK

@DaKedar______Clips 1/1 ___OK

@Dudingdarn____Clips 2/2___OK

@DYERA_______Clips 2/2___OK

@Ellvis_________Clips 0/?___Working

@Eshio_________Clips 1/1___OK

@GabrielBarsch__Clips 2/2___OK

@Ghost-Kewell___Clips 2/2___OK

@Gibb50________Clips 3/3___OK

@Juanford66_____Clips 2/2___OK

@Kenamii_______Clips 0/?___Working

@Kelzad________Clips 2/2___OK

@Macwrecker____Clips 1/1___OK

@MANtikora_____Clips 1/1___OK

@P3M__________Clips 1/1___OK

@Pa4oo_________Clips 1/1___OK

@QusaiQueelight_Clips 5/5___OK

@Tr3yo_________Clips 1/2___Working

@Spaderz_______Clips 2/2___OK

@Vassline_______Clips 2/2___OK

Total Clips : 33___Current Lenght Time: 12:38

Still a long way to go, pls coment if i missed someone


also if any of the members listed above have a youtube channel, please tell me in the comments below so i can credit you guys prorperly on the video's description when it comes out


Music Ideas:

Main Themes:

Payday 2 - Razormind __________

Elfire - Elfire ___________________

Outsider - Run _________________


Cryono77 - Factory Refurbished ___


Keeping in mind that this will be the last collab i will be working on as an organizer, it doesn't mean it will be the last ''extermination collab'' it means that i will not be organizing this kind of stuff for reasons, even thou this was @juanford66 's main idea after all, so he can do it.


This page is subject to changes, so stay tuned for more updates about upcoming stuff



2016-06-01 21:23:52 by GabrielBarsch



Its been a while, apologies for the lack of content and posts lately

i've start to work on something you guys would like to see and im planning to release it soon enough, very very soon

here is a sneak-a-pic of what i've been doing this far, it will be about some OP characters fighting each other


and this one below is going to extermination collab 5, which me and my friends were making quite a progress recently (GOD I LOOK PISSED)


this is all i'm going to disclose for your guys, stay tuned


New post

2016-03-09 11:17:40 by GabrielBarsch

-sample text-

Merry Xmas, Newgrounds

2015-12-24 18:08:33 by GabrielBarsch

Sorry for the lack of activity since sempember, this year was pretty rushed for me because of work, college and real life issues

but now that everything is fine, im weaving my plans for 2016.

2015 was good year for me, i achieved alots of thing, but i asure you guys, 2016 will be 3x more promissing, and way more harder, more challenges ahead are waiting for me.

i wish for everybody Merry Chrismas and a Merry new year


Ps. The new year is coming, if you are interested to be featured on my ''new year card'', Im accepting  your'' user character sprites '' to make the new year card as i do all the new years, its the tradition


Bro, do you even gift?

My country is full of wonders

Madness Day Afterwards

2015-10-07 12:19:48 by GabrielBarsch


Another Madness Day has come to an end, and i got so happy to know that i got 2nd place this year with my ''Pashed'' video, despite that weren't no money prizes this year, i never came so far, i really wanted to say thanks to each everyone of you guys who are always supporting me and a very special thanks for those veterans who are following me since my very humble beginning on 2007 and watched me grow ever since.


I've noticed a growing number of newcomers madness fans, most of them from russia, and they keep asking me ''how do i make my own madness cartoons'', if you are looking to learn more about animate madness, search for ''Madness Combat Tutorials'' on youtube, im sure you will find some good results, i wish to be as supportive as possible to you guys by helping you guys to improve.


I would like to apologize about my very long absence of 8 months without posting any new video, its been hard days because of the college, real life stuffs and fuckin dota 2 taking most of my precious time, im the kind of person that dont aim in quantity, i aim in quality, to bring you guys the best content i can do, and still i have so many ideas and so much to learn, so real criticism is always appreciated (as harsh as it may be, cuz they help people to improve), you guys may see a more active GabrielBarsch next year, you will see, even now that i quitted dota 2 for good, not because its a bad game, its because i just became 22 years old a week ago, and i think im too old for these ''life eating games'' they dont bring me any profit, most of this game's comunity are just toxic and complains about everything, a mate of mine @ExAker knows very well what i am talking about, And besides, my computer is not so fast as it used to be nowdays, maybe i might raise enough money to buy a new one.


I still love Dota 2 and i am planning to do a video about this game next year mixed with madness style, but these days are getting really hard to enjoy the game due bad internet, dota 2 reborn bugs, computer issues and college...i may get back playing it someday, but for now i will dedicate most of my time on creating content to this beloved comunity where i was born and where i trully belong, the madness combat comunity.


You know what they say: "The artist is their own worst critic" i've made some stuffs in the past but i was never able to finish them due total lost of motivation or inspiration, or i never disclosed anywhere or to anyone

Old and Unused Collab Clips: those 3 collab clips were made between 2011 and 2012, they never made into any collab for reasons, there are too long and boring or some of those collabs were canceled, they are really old, so dont laugh at me pls

Madness Streak Remake (2012): i've started this baby 3 years ago and i was planning to remake the whole streak series (episode 1 till 4), but suddenly i decided to let old things behind and move forward to new ones instead of remaking my first attempts of animation.

Madness Manager 5 (2012): this one was supposed to be a ''crossover'' thing between my animations and ''rapheus'' animations, i was running out of ideas, and when i was finally finishing, rapheus left newgrounds without leaving a note, this makes me lose all the motivation that i had, and i left this movie unfinished with no sounds

Paradigmadness 2 (2013): this short animation was the first sketch of Incident:123B, i was trying to prove myself that i was worthy of joining @Alpha-Nuva's collab alongside with other skilled, mature and talented people like @DIMB, @Delamortes and @Tr3yo like they did on paradig 1 but i was so insecure and afraid of him to dislike it that i decide to not even show it to him, and so Incident:123B was borned, the incident123 series was originaly planned to be used as collab clips, but somehow i managed to make it longer than usual collab clips,and then I discarded the chances of using them in collabs due the long length and decided to make solo projects using what i had already done , i feel it was worth it.


Everything is unclear, but by now i am planning to finish that long-waited ''medieval thing'' that i was making since the end of 2013, fixing some bugs in it and making improvements, all i have done this far was 2:30 minutes of movie with unstoppable action and killing, i think im in 40% of finishing it.

I'll also consider about making a possible (AND OFICIAL) Incident:123C next year, alongside with the medieval themed movie, the Incident:123C will continue from where i stopped last episode, with randomes getting attacked by some feral guy, i have some ideas in mind, now all i have to do is a script, i dont want to make anything too improvised this time

i also wanna be more active in the ''collab'' things but i will only join collabs that i know there is skilled, reliable and good people. i have 5 special collabs in mind for next year: Extermination 5, Infected 3, Test Collab 4, and 2 secret ones that i am making with greenpepperstudios.

And for least im planing some short cartoons about random goofy things i saw on the internet and i might adapt it to madness style, and cartoons that answer some questions like ''why some madness agents have yellow blood'' or ''how do i make madness cartoons?'' maybe i upload some timelapse videos about how do i animate, but i promise nothing.


ive received some fanarts and comissions for my birthday, but this one in particular takes the cake, i never looked so sexy before, you guys should totally give this guy @Bakayarodawickrayz a big and fat follow on his NG profile, he deserves it for being a beast on what he does


Thats all i wanted to say, i will be back soon (eventually) with some news about future projects and stuff

Stay Mad, Bros <3

Happy Madness Day

2015-09-21 22:14:04 by GabrielBarsch

That time of the year again

Madness day has just beGUN

check my newest cartoon: Pashed [MD2015]

also available on youtube:

Also check the awesome collab i made with eshio and and other peeps

Project: Infected Collab 2

also available on youtube:



I gotta say, that was the best collab that ive ever joined, it restored my faith on madness comunity, i feel young again like 2010, im so proud of myself for making part of it alongside with other good talented animators such as Djjaner, Dudingdarn, Gibb50, Kenamii and lot of people that improved through the time, Next year we will double our efforts to bring you guys the best of our content, thank you very much for all the support and patience.


A huge thanks to prancierpie and Qusai Queelight for the amazing fanarts, be sure to check their deviantart accounts


About Madness Extermination 5 won't be extermination 5 this year, sorry guys, but instead i've been working on eshio's zombie collab that could be one of the best collabs i have ever joined, i am so hyped to watch it when it comes out, i've put alot of effort into it and i can asure you, it will be 10x better than the last year, so stay tunned and enjoy the bloodshed <3